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at safety. One of your most frequent requests, either through the mailbag or in our weekly chats, is to rank the NFC North head coaches. I tend to take a simple -- and usually unsatisfying to you -- approachSuper Bowl XLVII Kaepernick jersey to this question. To me, a coach is as good as his record. It's true that some coaches have more talented players than others, but unfortunately for them, the history Colin Kaepernick Game Jersey books don't Colin Kaepernick Limited Jersey provide asterisks for mitigating factors.Power rankings revisitedRk Tm1NO21121.50 2IND12211.50 3MIN33333.00 4NE44444.00 5ARI55665.50 6SD68556.00 7CIN76776.75 8DAL87887.75 9PIT109999.25
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